4 Summer Pet Emergencies and Tips to Prevent Them

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Summer in the greater Seattle area is a delightful time, but it brings unique challenges for our furry companions. Here are some common summer pet emergencies and tips to prevent them:

Summer Pet Emergency #1: Heatstroke

Even when heat might feel mild to us, but pets can still overheat, especially high-risk breeds like flat-faced (e.g., pugs, bulldogs) and senior pets. Heatstroke can be life-threatening. Prevent it by:

  • Never leaving pets in parked vehicles.
  • Keeping pets hydrated with fresh water.
  • Exercising pets during cooler parts of the day and taking breaks in the shade.
  • Knowing the signs of heatstroke and taking immediate action if detected.

Summer Pet Emergency #2: Toxicity & Foreign Bodies

Many foods, plants, and medications are toxic to pets. Be cautious during summer gatherings:

  • Keep toxic foods like chocolate and xylitol-containing items out of reach.
  • Secure garbage bins to prevent pets from accessing harmful substances.
  • Be careful around BBQ utensils and corn cobs as they may be choking hazards.
  • Educate guests about keeping medications and gum away from pets.

Summer Pet Emergency #3: Parasites

Mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas thrive in summer:

  • Use year-round parasite prevention.
  • Check pets for ticks after outdoor activities and remove them promptly.

Summer Pet Emergency #4: Drowning

Some pets struggle in water, even if they enjoy swimming:

  • Use a well-fitted life vest, especially for pets with swimming challenges.
  • Teach pets how to exit pools, lakes, and rivers safely.

Follow these tips to keep your pets safe this summer. If your pet experiences a summer emergency, contact Juanita Hills Animal Hospital for immediate assistance. Let’s ensure your furry friends have a safe and fun summer!

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