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We are the go-to veterinarian for pets in Kirkland and surrounding communities, and there’s a very good reason for that.

We not only offer compassionate, comprehensive veterinary care, boarding, and grooming, but we also understand that having a healthy, happy pet starts with having a great relationship with you. As pet parents ourselves, we know you want the best for your animal companion, and our experienced staff is committed to making sure you get just that.

This is why we offer a complimentary first wellness exam for new clients, and why we have so many families who won’t take their pets anywhere else. It’s also why preventive care—including regular exams, vaccinations, parasite prevention, good nutrition, and blood screenings—is so important to us. 

Juanita Hills Animal Hospital is part of Cara Veterinary, a family-owned network of premier Pacific Northwest veterinary practices. All Cara hospitals operate on a five-pillar system:  

  • Put Pets First. Our first priority is always the health, happiness, and comfort of our four-legged patients.
  • Trust the Parent. We believe that caring for an animal is a partnership built on mutual trust and humility. We trust pet parents to make the right decisions for themselves and their animal companions and invite you to actively participate in care alongside us.
  • Good Neighbors. We take the time to get to know our patients’ families and cherish the opportunity to play an active role in our local communities.
  • Authentically Human. We embrace the full spectrum of emotions that comes with caring for pets. We know when to be fun and when to be serious. At all times, we foster a supportive, positive, empathetic, and authentically human hospital culture.
  • Shake Things Up. We are always looking for a better, more efficient way of delivering care and excellent results. Fresh ideas = good medicine.

We hope you find that our team is living these values and that it is the basis for a great partnership dedicated to your pet’s good health. Don’t hesitate to call on us if we can help your pet in any way!

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