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The Value of Your Pet’s Routine Wellness Blood Screening

Diagnostic testing is essential when your pet is ill, but this testing is equally important when your pet appears to be perfectly healthy. Your pet’s regular wellness screening is one of the best investments you can make in their current health and future wellbeing. Normal wellness screening results provide your veterinarian with valuable information on [...]

Protect Your Pet From Heartworm Disease Year-Round

Heartworm disease is a life-threatening condition that has been diagnosed in pets living in all 50 states. Many factors, such as climate, wildlife populations, and mosquito species, contribute to heartworms’ prevalence across the United States. Although the mosquito population peaks when temperatures and humidity are at their highest, the population never completely dissipates, and pets—including [...]

Feline Arthritis: Fact Versus Fiction

You may know that dogs commonly develop arthritis, but did you know that cats also experience this degenerative joint disease? Historically, veterinarians rarely diagnosed or treated cats’ arthritis, likely because feline arthritis signs tend to be more subtle than canine arthritis signs, making the condition challenging to recognize. In addition, because cats are experts at [...]

3 DIY Enrichment Toys Your Pet Will Love

Pet enrichment is an important topic these days. But, like most buzzwords, the word enrichment has many different meanings. If you aren’t exactly sure what pet enrichment is, and wonder if your naivete makes you a terrible pet owner, we promise, you’re not alone. However, when you have been to a zoo or animal [...]

8 Reasons Your Dog is Limping

Dogs are relatively athletic creatures who love to run, play, and wiggle with delight, so seeing them limp can be heartbreaking. Limping (i.e., lameness) in dogs has many possible causes, and to address their lameness, you should schedule a veterinary visit. Our Juanita Hills Animal Hospital veterinarians use specific examination techniques and other diagnostics to [...]

Professional Dental Cleanings for Pets: Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are surprised to learn that—by the time they are 3 years of age—most pets have dental disease, which can lead to significant pain, tooth loss, and serious widespread health problems. The doggy breath that stinks up a room is not normal, in fact this odor likely indicates that your pet is in need [...]

Cold Noses, Warm Hearts—Winter Pet Safety

Cold temperatures and winter precipitation can put a chill on your pet’s daily routine. But, the following safety information from Juanita Hills Animal Hospital can keep your four-legged friend from feeling frosty.  Some pets are more vulnerable to the cold   Pet owners often ask, “How cold is too cold for my pet?” Unfortunately, the answer [...]

Ulti-“Mutt” New Years Resolutions for Pets

Many people find the New Year an inspiring and hopeful time. Nearly 40% of Americans make a resolution to declare—either publicly or privately—their intentions for the year.  This year we surveyed the Juanita Hills Animal Hospital team to find out what kind of resolutions their pets would make. Suggestions included taking down that sneaky neighborhood [...]

8 Things You Should Know About Brachycephalic Pets

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but are classified into three broad groups based on skull type. Dogs with a neutral head shape (e.g., Labrador) are termed mesocephalic, elongated head shapes are called dolichocephalic (e.g., greyhound), and pets with short noses, round heads, and large eyes, which give them the smushed-in faces we love [...]

What Diseases Do My Pet’s Vaccines Protect Against?

Vaccines play an instrumental role in your pet’s preventive care. But, because vaccines are so commonplace, owners can easily overlook their tremendous power and significance in their pet’s lifelong health. If you’ve ever wondered whether your pet’s routine vaccines are necessary, check out this Juanita Hills Animal Hospital guide to commonly vaccinated diseases.  How your [...]

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