Plants & Your Dog

Some houseplants, flowers, and other plants can make you cat very ill or even be deadly. Here’s a list of the ones to avoid, and the ones that are ok if you have a canine in the family. Toxic to Dogs: Alocasia Elephant Ears Mum Aloe Eucalyptus Narcissus Amaryllis Fiddle Leaf Fig Nasturtium Apple [...]

Human Foods Dogs Can & Cannot Eat

Yes Apples Pumpkin Bananas Rice Bell Pepper’s Salmon Broccoli Sardines Blueberries Spinach Cantaloupe Strawberries Carrots Sweet Potato Cheese (In Moderation*) Yogurt Chicken Eggs Green Beans Kale Mango Peanut Butter Pineapple No Alcohol Pumpkin Avocado Rice Caffeine Salmon Chocolate Sardines Coffee Spinach Fat Trimmings Strawberries Garlic Sweet Potato Gum Yogurt Grapes Caffeine [...]

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