Local Dog Trainers

Crawford Canine Connection 425-330-9639 Email Lorenzo’s Dog Training 866-436-4959 Ahimsa Dog Training Seattle 206-364-4072 925 NW 49th St C, Seattle, WA 98107 Monday-Friday 10am-5pm Seattle Puppyworks 1417 10th Ave Studio A, Seattle, WA 98122 Tuesday-Friday 8am-6pm Saturday 12pm-5pm Zoom Room Dog Training 206-486-2104 10004 Aurora Ave N #12, Seattle, WA 98133 Monday-Friday 10am-8pm Saturday-Sunday 9am-8pm [...]

How to Hire a Dog Trainer

©ASPCA Virtual Pet Behaviorist All Rights Reserved It is advised that dog owners call, interview, and ideally observe a trainer prior to hiring them. Do not consider using a trainer or training company if you see or hear any of the following methods or training philosophies: The equipment recommended for basic obedience includes or [...]

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