Where Should I Get a New Pet?

Congratulations on your decision to add a pet to the family! Pets bring so much joy and love, but deciding where to get your new pet and finding the right fit for your family can be stressful. The Juanita Hills Animal Hospital team wants to inform pet owners about all their options to help ensure [...]

Environmental Enrichment for Cats

© Seattle Humane Society. All Rights Reserved Make Your Cat Work For His Food This can be very stimulating for cats and help reduce stress. Instead of just putting dry food in a bowl you can put the food inside a toy that allows your cat to think, play, and move. Here are some ideas: [...]

Humans Foods Cats Can & Cannot Eat

YESApplesRiceBananasCooked SalmonBell Pepper’sCooked SardinesSteamed BroccoliSpinachBlueberriesStrawberriesCantaloupeSweet PotatoCarrotsYogurtCheese (In Moderation*) Chicken Eggs Green Beans Kale Peaches Peanut Butter Pineapple  NO Alcohol Rhubarb Avocado Raisins Caffeine Salty Foods (in large amounts) Chocolate Tea Coffee Xylitol (present in gum, candies, some peanut butters and other foods) Fat Trimmings Yeast and Dough Garlic Gum Grapes Macadamia Nuts Milk Wild Mushrooms Onions Pits and Seeds from Fruit [...]

Plants & Your Cat

Some houseplants, flowers, and other plants can make you cat very ill or even be deadly. Here’s a list of the ones to avoid, and the ones that are ok if you have a feline in the family. Toxic to Cats: Alocasia Elephant Ears Mum Aloe Eucalyptus Narcissus Amaryllis Fiddle Leaf Fig Nasturtium Apple plant [...]

New Advice on Spay/Neuter of Kittens: Earlier Is Better

Kim Campbell Thornton American Veterinarian, Volume 2, Issue 3 New recommendations support kitten spay/neuter by 5 months of age. Here’s why. Conventional wisdom previously recommended that kittens be spayed or neutered no earlier than 6 months of age, but feline medicine specialists now say that an earlier age for the surgery benefits cats, owners, and [...]

6 Months or 6 Years: When and If to Spay or Neuter Kitten

by DREW MCWATTERS, DVM Veterinarians have traditionally recommended universal spaying and neutering of dogs and have advised doing it at no later than six months of age. This recommendation came from a desire to decrease the stray pet population and decrease the incidence of reproductive disease while at the same time decreasing anesthetic risks associated [...]

New Kitten Introductions

By Heather Jelks| Animal Care Center Castle Pines, CO Follow these general rules for any type of new pet introductions: Always make new pet introductions in a controlled setting. Plan the introduction for a time when you can all spend at least an entire day together. Be patient, speak encouragingly in a calm voice, [...]

Starting Out Right With Your New Cat And The Litterbox

© Seattle Humane Society Resource Library Most cats have a specific preference about where they want to eliminate. By following the suggestions outlined in this handout, you’ll be able to start off on the right foot with your new cat. Location Most people are inclined to place the litterbox in an out-of-the-way spot in order [...]

Vaccines for Kittens and Cats

Keep in mind that all cats are unique. Your Juanita Hills Animal Hospital vet will discuss your dog’s planned lifestyle and risks, and then make recommendations and customize vaccines for your pet. A word about vaccine safety: Any type of medical treatment has associated risks, but the risk should be weighed against the benefits of [...]

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